The Roady Impact: Ella’s Review of “Up the Guts”
The Roady Impact

My experience on the Roady “Up the Guts” New Zealand road trip had more of an impact upon me than I ever thought possible. Those ten days nourished me. They filled me up inside. At the end of each day, my heart was overflowing with the epic emotion that came with witnessing the sun rise, and set.

The emotion that came with passionate sing-alongs on the road, and from those moments spent sleepily gazing out the car window on the way home after a big day. From fits of hysterical laughter, conversations with strangers, and from the love that grew and formed a family out of the Roady crew.

It makes me smile, reflecting on the countless times the five of us stood – having arrived at our latest destination – stupefied and in awe. We would throw out words like “unreal”, “unbelievable”, and “amazing”.

Although, we knew full well that nothing we could say would do justice to the natural beauty we had stumbled upon. We witnessed the conspiring of the natural world in our favour it seems.

I truly had never seen Northern New Zealand the way I did with Roady. The rich, green, fertile forest; dripping and gushing with fresh water; alive and abundant.

The powdered peaks of our mountains, contrasted against the unnaturally blue and green glacial lakes. The wild coastline, with its endless horizon, soft sands, and hypnotising waves that called to be surfed and swam despite the wintery season.

Ella’s Highlights of New Zealand Road Trip – “Up the Guts”


  • Discovering the mystically warm waters of Kerosene Creek where I stood beneath a steaming waterfall in the depths of native bush
  • Spending a night in the colourful township of Raglan where surfers and artists collect and create
  • Rafting Kaituna River’s epic white waters in a state of pure adrenaline
  • Completing the Tongariro crossing under an unbelievably blue sky.

Then of course all those beautifully unplanned moments: a campfire under the stars on a secluded beach, an early drive through rolling fog all aglow in the light of a blazing winter sunrise, a live concert we happened upon on a night out in Taupo.

There was no end to the magic moments we made into memories on the Up the Guts trip. I can’t recommend the Roady experience enough.

Roady provides travellers with the perfect balance of freedom and structure, of pure thrill and quiet awe. We lived a hell of a lot of life in those 10 days.

Created by Kiwis: two friends with a genuine passion for sharing the beauty of their country. Roady is tailor-made for the place they know best.

We should all have the opportunity to experience New Zealand the way Roady allows. To live so fully, with such freedom, in a whirlwind of natural beauty, shared with great company.

That’s what it’s all about.

Thanks Roady!

Ella Koning
IG: @ellaakeita


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