10 Anthems for a New Zealand Road Trip

There’s nothing quite like a New Zealand road trip with some classic Kiwi tunes blasting away. For a small country we sure do pack a punch when it comes to music, but many travellers are unaware of just how good our music is. When you’re road trippin’ through our amazing country why not compliment the scenery with some of the best music in the world? Here’s our top 10 Kiwi songs for a Roady…


1. Fat Freddy’s Drop – Roady


Of course no Roady playlist is sufficient without our company tune “Roady” by Fat Freddy’s Drop. If you haven’t acquainted yourself with Freddy’s then please spend the next day or two listening to their albums: ‘Based on a True Story’, ‘Dr Boondigga and the Big BW’, ‘Blackbird’ and their most recent album ‘Bays’. Travellers, we promise you that you will love their Kiwi vibe – a mixture of reggae, tech, soul and everything in between.

2. The Swingers – Counting the Beat


“Counting the Beat” is a weird and wonderful tune by New Zealand rock band The Swingers released in 1981 from their album Practical Jokers. Over the years it has featured in some bizarre settings including Countdown Supermarket Ads and the quirky New Zealand film “Two Little Boys” starring comedians Brett McKenzie and Hamish Blake. When on a New Zealand road trip get in the spirit: “La-dah-da-de, there ain’t no place I’d rather be.”

3. Six60 – White Lines


Six60 may be the most productive thing that ever came out of Otago University! All jokes aside, the band formed in Dunedin and created their name from the street number of the house they flatted in. The Six60 boys blend soul, rock, dubstep, and drum & bass into a unique Kiwi sound. White Lines is a New Zealand road trip fav!

4. Supergroove – Sitting Inside My Head


Supergroove is a ruckus Kiwi band that burst onto the scene in the early 90’s. The band was founded on New Year’s Eve 1989/1990, having previously been named the Low-Down Dirty Blues Band. After a change of name (thank goodness!) they went on to produce classic hits such as “Can’t Get Enough”, “You Gotta Know”, “Scorpio Girls” and “Sitting Inside My Head”.

5. Tiki Taane – Always on My Mind


Tiki Taane is a colourful musician, experimentalist, producer, and engineer. He was a member of popular New Zealand band Salmonella Dub but left after eleven years in 2007 to pursue a solo career. His debut album, “Past, Present, Future” has since gone two times platinum, achieving a number one single, “Always On My Mind”, which is the most successful single of all time in New Zealand.

6. Fly My Pretties – Turnaround


Fly My Pretties may just be New Zealand’s best kept secret when it comes to music. Fly My Pretties is a collaboration of musicians originally from Wellington, New Zealand, who are known for coming together to record live albums, in various locations in New Zealand. The group members come from Aotearoa’s best bands including – the Black Seeds, Kora, and Fat Freddy’s Drop – to create a unique musical style.

7. Shapeshifter – In Colour


Shapeshifter (sometimes referred to as New Zealand Shapeshifter) are a live drum and bass act originating from Christchurch, New Zealand. They are known for their epic live shows and blend of heavy soul with drum and bass led by vocalist P Diggs. New Zealand sure is a colourful country and “In Colour” is simply the best way to take it all in!!!

8. Katchafire – Love Letter


Katchafire are a purebred reggae roots band hailing from Hamilton, New Zealand. Their music goes perfectly with a summers day, a wharf jump, and a cold beer on one of the North Islands spectacular beaches. Katchafire’s hit track “Love Letter” was taken from their 3rd album titled ” Say What You’re Thinking” and is sure to bring a smile to your dial!

9. Kings – Don’t Worry About it


Kings is the newest name in New Zealand pop music and has taken the charts by storm in summer 2016. His ridiculously catchy song “Don’t Worry Bout It” has been playing on car radios throughout the country and has made its way as a summer road trip hit. We look forward to good things to come from this talented Kiwi.

 10. Breaks Co-Op – The Otherside


Our top 10 Kiwi songs for a New Zealand road trip ends with this relaxing summery tune by Breaks-Co-Op: The Otherside. “Take my hand and I’ll lead you back to the other side, get yourself into a better place and live your life, hold your head up high and don’t rely on anyone else, make it easier on yourself and don’t ask why.” Words of wisdom for 2017 🙂


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