No. Instead of including a bunch of activities which may not be of interest to you – Roady gives you the freedom to spend your days however you please. When you book a Roady you will receive a Travel Guide which provides information on the best paid and free activities of each destination. You will also receive exclusive discounts from some of our favourite activity providers.

Our E-Book Travel Guide is a complete ‘All you need to know’ guide specific to the road trip you are on. It covers:

– Best paid attractions (with a range of discounts exclusive to Roady travellers)
– Best free attractions, including hidden gems carefully picked by Kiwi locals
– Unique local experiences
– Best places to eat, drink & party
– Cheap eats
– Best walks & hikes in our great outdoors
– Information on events, sport & music concerts
– Driving and route information
– Kiwi music for Roady sing-alongs
– The Roady Bucket-List Challenge