Something Special about a New Zealand Road Trip in Winter
New Zealand Road Trip Winter

There’s something amazing about a New Zealand road trip in winter especially when the weather gods bless your trip.

Picture it like this.

You’re driving through lush grassy farmland, the sun is beaming, the air is 100% pure without a drop of wind, and the birds are diving and chirping. Then, out of nowhere, emerges the impressive snow-capped peak known as Mt Taranaki, and in the distance, you catch a glimpse of the shining West Coast shoreline.

You think to yourself – surely you can’t ski and surf in the same day? But New Zealand is the type of country where dreams become a reality.

Winter Roady’s simply have it all!

We all know that summer is peak tourist season. Travellers from all over the world flock to our beaches and lakes to enjoy a classic Kiwi summer. But one of the downsides to our summer months is that the hills become dry and the landscape loses a touch of its colour.

If you’re a fan of photography or just want to show off your new Instagram pics then a New Zealand road trip in winter could be right up your alley.

Not only can you revel in the awe-inspiring scenery in winter, but you can also skip the crowds!

You’ll have the freedom to go wherever you please and take in the spectacular scenery from the comfort of your car.

The Joys of a New Zealand Road Trip

One of the most frustrating things about being stuck on a bus or flying between destinations is that you miss out on so many hidden treasures along the way.

While each destination in New Zealand has its merits, half the fun of travelling across this great land is the places and faces you meet in-between.

Getting lost and stumbling upon the country’s best-kept secrets all because you took the wrong turn is part of what makes a Kiwi Roady so much fun!

Enjoying New Zealand’s Beaches in Winter

Many travellers tend to discard New Zealand’s beaches in winter because they believe the weather will let them down.

If you get a wild and windy day you might want to choose another activity! But on a bright and clear winter’s day (which there are many) our beaches are just as spectacular as in the summer months.

The only difference is that you have to be slightly braver to dip in the waters for a swim. But hey, you only live once right?

Surf towns such as Raglan offer some great waves and incredible black sand beaches to frolic around in. And regions such as the Bay of Islands and Abel Tasman National Park are the perfect spots for a hike along the beach or sea kayak.

Getting up a Mountain or Two

With one of Roady’s modern cars you’ll be able to navigate through our mountains with ease. Whether you’re a ski enthusiast or a snowboarding menace, New Zealand has some scintillating slopes on offer.

Mt Ruapehu is home to the world-class ski fields Turoa and Whakapapa. The Naki has the short and sweet Manganui skifield. And the South Island is spoilt for choice with ski fields including Mt Hutt, Cardrona, and the Remarkables!

For those who prefer to experience the Maunga’s beauty by foot, Tongariro National Park, Pouakai Crossing, and Kepler Track are all fantastic hikes!

Fizzing after a Winter Adventure

Winter is the perfect time to get your adrenalin fix in New Zealand!

Even with a bit of wind and rain in your face, there’s no excuse to bail on that bungy or white water rafting. Besides, we have you covered to make sure you stay warm and safe in the winter months.

There’ll be jacuzzis waiting for you at the end of an OGO Downhill Ball Roll in Rotorua, thick long sleeve wetsuits for your Raglan surf lessons, and a cup of hot chocolate at the Powderkeg after a day’s hike through the Tongariro Crossing!

The key to enjoying a New Zealand road trip in winter is to take a page out of Richard Branson’s playbook – “Screw it, let’s do it”.

Painting the Town in Winter

What’s the key to a good night out?

Worrying about the rain? Or going wherever the wind takes you with a fun group of mates?

A city like Wellington, for example, is known for its rambunctious weather conditions. The wind is a constant nuisance. But that doesn’t stop Wellingtonians from enjoying a few craft beers or club bangers in winter.

The same is true for cities like Dunedin. The intense cold rarely discourages Scarfie students from a flat party or a night out at the Octagon.

One of the real joys of winter nightlife in New Zealand is the quaint ski towns and their cozy yet vibrant pubs. Places such as Ohakune, Wanaka, and Queenstown have a fantastic nightlife scene that compliments your days up the mountain perfectly.

No matter which two ways you look at it, it’s hard to beat a New Zealand road trip in winter!


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