What to Bring on a New Zealand Road Trip in Summer
What to Bring on a New Zealand Road Trip in Summer

A New Zealand road trip in summer can be won and lost depending on the gear you pack. If you forget your towel or iPhone charger life on the road can become unsettling to say the least! More than a can-do attitude there are a few essential items you must pack into that backpack of yours before you jump in the car and head off on your summer Roady.


New Zealand summers mean Kiwis put their shoes in hiding for 3 months and adopt Jandals and bare feet at every moment. To fit in, make sure you pack your finest Havaiana Jandals to wear to the beach, down to the Fish n’ Chip shop, and wherever you go on your New Zealand road trip.


No one likes to boast a red face day after day on tour. Make sure you pack sunblock that is SPF 30+ to ensure you’re safeguarded against unwanted peeling and blistering. The New Zealand sun is a cruel mistress and will punish you without warning. Brits – take notice of this one 😉

Large Beach Towel

We’ve all made the crucial error of packing a bath towel mat instead of our large colourful beach towel. You’ll spend a lot of time sunbathing on a New Zealand road trip in summer so make sure you do it in comfort and style!

Portable Speakers

Whether you’re chilling in the hostel or spending the day at the beach, portable speakers allow you to jam away and create atmosphere no matter where you are. UE Boom is a great little number that blasts insanely great sounds with deep powerful bass no matter where you go.

Pack of Cards

Nothing breaks the ice quite like a game of cards and a few cold Coronas on the beach. Write down the rules for the best card games (drinking or non-drinking) from your country and introduce your traveller mates to a game or two.

Fanny Pack

Who said the fanny pack isn’t making a fashion comeback? It not only provides practical solutions to daily life but can look phenomenal too! Hostel keys, ear plugs, vouchers, lucky charms, loose change, you name it the fanny pack can house it.

Ear Plugs

Sleeping in backpacker dorms is a great way to meet people and have fun when road trippin’. However, they can be noisy places for those of us who are easily woken up by the smallest creak or whisper. Ear plugs are your best bet against noisy travelers and late night antics!

Car Phone Charger

It seems the latest smartphones are giving us less and less battery life. The car phone charger is a great way to charge your phone so you arrive at your destination with a good couple of hours of battery to Instagram and Snapchat away!

Hiking Boots

Although much of your summer New Zealand road trip will be near a beach, it’s always nice to get in the bush and go for a hike, whether it’s just a wee native bush track or the Tongariro Crossing. Hiking boots are a must bring for the summer Roady so your feet are protected. Make sure you air them outside the hostel room, however!

Memorabilia from your Country

It’s always nice to share little trinkets and knick-knacks from your home country with your fellow travellers. Whether it’s a sports shirt, a flag, or an instrument – be proud to represent your country and share stories and experiences out on the open road!


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