Five Fabulous Places to Eat in Auckland
5 Fabulous Places to Eat in Auckland

At first glance, you might see Auckland as just another metropolitan city with the usual headaches – high house prices, traffic, overcrowded streets and too many cases of Starbucks and McDonalds.

The cynical side of you would be right to point out Aucklands flaws. But that only tells half the story about a city which holds treasure if only you know where to look. Beaches yes, glistening emerald islands yes. And now, more than ever, food is becoming an attraction.

Being a modern multi-cultural city definitely has its perks. It seems every day or two a new restaurant pops up offering visitors some incredible food creations. Whether it’s flamboyant Italian food or modern Indian cuisine, the restaurant market in the City of Sails is on fire.

If you’re new to New Zealand and don’t know where to go when your stomach starts to rumble, then check out our top 5 favourite places to eat in Auckland. Like most things in life these fabulous restaurants are best experienced with a good group of friends.


Park up. Order a few whiskies on the rocks and plates of Chicken & Waffles and let the soothing sounds of live jazz music lift your soul. Orleans blends the best liquor, food and music from its namesake city: New Orleans.

If we had to recommend the best place to eat in Auckland Orleans would be number 1. Enjoy live music sessions every Wednesday – Saturday night including the incredible Clo Chaperon and the Voodoo Set.


To sum up Baduzzi in one word you would definitely feel comfortable using the term – pizzazz. This Italian restaurant does a couple of things really well, and that’s meatballs and wine!

Baduzzi prides itself on quality food served up by waiters ready to recommend some of the most imaginative dishes coming out of Italy. And let’s not forget the wallpaper design which adds even more flair to this already fabulous restaurant.


Woodpecker Hill may be the only restaurant in New Zealand where flavours of the East combine with the culinary techniques of the West. To put it simply – the tastes at Woodpecker Hill are fabulously inventive.

Chef Che Barrington has taken the best of Kentucky, wood-smoked barbeque meats, and paired it with the flair of Asia including basting pastes, marinades, lemongrass and Vietnamese mint. Wow!


Somewhat of an institution amongst city-dwellers, Mezze Bar offers a relaxed and ambient vibe that transports you to Northern Morocco/Southern Spain. Their range of tapas and drinks is perfect for groups looking to relax into the night.

We highly recommend Mezze’s tea and coffee which holds explosive amounts of caffeine. Enough to keep you up chatting until the wee hours!


The food here is a far cry from your Westernised watered-down Butter Chicken. Diners at Cassia can choose from an array of mouth-watering options, including Tandoori Fish with pickled cucumber and almonds, to a lychee, cardamom, raspberry and coconut dessert.

Cassia was born out of Sid and Chand Sahrawat’s vision to finally introduce modern Indian food to Auckland residents. Their all-around excellence will make you wonder what other magical dishes lay hidden in the majestic land of India.


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