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Roady founder & director - Roscoe Price Moor
Roady founder & director - Roscoe Price Moor

Making travel plans for a country you have never been to before can be overwhelming and confusing. We believe that organising and planning travel should be simple. That’s why we created Roady, a stress-free solution to exploring New Zealand.

We believe too many of our visitors are missing out on the best of New Zealand by being stuck on a bus or flying between destinations. There is so much to discover when cruising on the open road!

New Zealand is tailor made for road trips, as you are never far from the next town and adventure. Each destination offers a unique experience and some vastly different landscapes that will leave you speechless.

After spending a lot of time travelling Africa, Europe, Australia, The U.K & Canada, Roady Director Roscoe Price Moor learnt a lot about the key factors that make overseas trips unforgettable.

“In 2016 I started Roady as a platform to give travellers the best possible travel experience in my country. There is nothing more kiwi than a road-trip. It’s what we’ve grown up doing and is an important part of being a New Zealander. Roady has enabled me to share this part of our culture with the world.

Helping people craft their ultimate Kiwi Roady is something I take great pride in. I am proud to call New Zealand my home and relish at the opportunity to show travellers our beautiful backyard.

With New Zealand being such an isolated country and a long way to come for most travellers, I believe it is hugely important to get the right advice so you can make the most of your time here.”

Since launching in 2016 Roady has had the pleasure of helping groups from all over the world put together their dream Road-trip.

It is our mission to create the best possible experiences for our customers.

A Roady in New Zealand is a trip you won’t be forgetting in a hurry.

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